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Terms and Conditions

Please review the following terms as all of them are required to use the Greensheet System.

1. Your Green Sheet access information is to be used solely by personnel working within the subscribing company. Failure to abide by this condition will result in the immediate termination of the companies Green Sheet access without refund.

2. Green Sheet Construction Data Ltd’s service shall commence on the day of sign up. Either party may terminate this agreement at the end of the 1st year or any subsequent year period.

3. Each Wednesday we will email you and your staff a weekly alert indicating when the newest issue of the Green Sheet has been uploaded to the web. The Green Sheet will use this information on a periodic basis to communicate with current and past Green Sheet Construction Data subscribers to provide information on new Green Sheet services and industry news.

4. Green Sheet Construction Data Ltd. subscriptions are non-transferable between companies.

5. Subscribing companies are required to contact Green Sheet Construction Data Ltd. to update their password when staff personnel are no longer with the subscribing company.

6. Data that has been collected by Green Sheet Construction Data Ltd. can not be provided by other construction data companies. The act of providing data to other construction data companies will result in immediate termination of subscription and legal action.